13 June 2018

who I am

“A pressure of the fingers, and jubilant, joyous, thoughtful, dreamy, self-absorted..came one after another these unique beings we call colours – each alive in and for itself – independent, endowed with all the necessary qualities for further independent life and ready and willing at every moment to submit to new combinations, to mix among themselves and create endless series of new worlds” Vasilij Kandinskij


Colours enable me to express myself , their knowledge touch my soul, their smell get straight to my heart. Mixing colours and experiencing an endless number of combinations make me feel good.That’s what I feel when I use colours. I feel at peace when I’m capable of conveying a pleasant sensation. I feel fear facing colours, as they are perfect themselves, and each new project is a challenge for me. Every colour, every nuance has the capacity to unleash a motion of the soul and that’s what I am trying to convey with my creations.

I hope for you will be the same…

Maria Letizia Scarpelli